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Q. What are the benefits from drinking Georges Aloe Vera liquid?
Aloe has been used for centuries to help in maintaining a healthy digestive tract. Evidence through different studies seems to indicate that beneficial properties in the Aloe help in allowing the body to maintain a healthy mucous membrane system.

Q. How often should I drink Georges Aloe Vera liquid?
For optimum results, we recommend drinking 2 ounces in the morning before breakfast and 2 ounces in the evening before bedtime.

Q. Why do you remove the polysaccharides?
The Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller plant has over 200 beneficial components. Although it is believed mucopolysaccharides have beneficial elements, this molecular chain is very large making it difficult for the body to utilize. The complete mucopolysaccharide chain is also the cause of rapid spoilage and breakdown of the product, which is why most other brands contain unhealthy preservatives. We breakdown the mucopolysaccharide chain extracting the sugars in order to eliminate adding any preservatives and increase shelf life.

Q. What is a distillate?
A distillate is a liquid that consists of pure components of a plant in its most basic form. It is unique in that a distillate is comprised of a low molecular weight thereby enabling the body to assimilate its components in the purest form at the cellular level. This occurs both internally, and through the skin’ dermal layers, at a much higher rate than would occur if the plant’s components were introduced in any other manner.

Q. How long should I be drinking Georges Aloe Vera before seeing any results?
Most people begin to see results anywhere from two weeks to one month. Remember, our bodies are continually shedding cells. It is very important to continue use even after you attain the results you are looking for.

Q. Why doesn’t Georges Aloe taste bad?
Most Aloe Vera products are slimy and have a very bitter taste. We remove the chemical antagonists and some of the undesirable components that are mildly toxic. As a result, our product has no adverse flavor.

Q. Is Georges Aloe Organically grown?
Yes! Although we do not seek the organic certification, Georges aloe is continually tested for over 50 different chemicals that may contaminate the plants. To date tests has come back negative for any contamination.

Q. Doesn’t distillation just turn it to water?
Georges is fractionally distilled, meaning it is broken down into various parts, with the undesirable elements removed. It is then re-assembled. Products such as Jack Daniels & Petroleum are distilled products and would never be confused with water.

Q. Can I take too much of Georges aloe?
We know of many consumers of George's Aloe who drink more than 4 ounces daily. To our knowledge, there are no ill effects of drinking more than the suggested "two ounces twice daily".


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